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All our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured.



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Houston Area Locksmith Services

Also Servicing The Woodlands, Cypress, Friendswood, Katy, Sugarland, Magnolia, Tomball, Kingswood, Humble, Spring, Richmond, Rosenberg, Missouri City and Pearland.

Locksmith, automotive, residential and commercial requirements are exactly why iHoustonLocksmith exists. Whether you require Alarm Systems, Keyless Entry Systems CCTV and video surveillance and Access Control, we will be happy to give you a free estimate for our quality locksmith services at super low prices.

All our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured.

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According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), not all locksmiths advertising in the yellow pages of the local telephone directory or hocking their services online via a Google search are necessarily local to your area. Scams abound when it comes to locksmiths, the biggest of which is quoting a customer one price for the job at hand and then asking for more money when the job is done.

This usually happens when a so-called “local” locksmith quotes on rate by phone and then arrives on the scene with a different quote. Frustrated consumers usually just pony up the cash, but many complain to the FTC and BBB afterwards. So how can you keep from getting scammed?

Honest Houston LocksmithKnow Who to Call

Although you probably have no idea who to call and haven’t even thought about it until the need arises, and a locksmith’s services are needed, it can be smart to have the name of a local locksmith with you, at home and in the car, right along with a list of other trusted repairmen. Choosing a locksmith from a fast search on your phone while standing in the rain with your kid locked inside the car can lead to poor decisions.

Find out who friends use, read reviews on sites like Yelp and other customer-based review sites, and get recommendations from a trusted auto mechanic. Keep the number or business card in your purse or other handy location in the event you have an emergency.

Check Credentials

Locksmiths should be insured, since any damage they cause should be their responsibility, or if a faulty repair job leads to damage or loss, you need to be able to file a claim with the locksmith’s insurance. Locksmiths should be able to show proof of insurance or bonding, as well as identification, whenever they render service, should the customer request such documentation.

Keep in mind that not all service personnel who claim to be licensed are actually licensed. Just because someone claims to be a locksmith is no true indication that they are actually trained or have the licensure required to call themselves such.

In the state of Texas, all locksmiths are required to be licensed by the Texas DPS, so when in doubt, ask to see proof of license before dealing with a locksmith with whom you are not familiar. When the work is finished, a reputable locksmith will provide you with an itemized invoice of the work done for your records.

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